Greetings! Taisha here with an update on how the writing is going. Well, as you know I’m working on multiple projects. One is the third book to my Love, Truth and Consequences series, the story I’m working on at the moment is Archer Lincoln’s, the security expert from the first book . The working title is Rumor Control, it may change somewhere down the line. Anyway, the reason this book is close to my heart is because it touches on a few things, one is wounded warriors and post traumatic stress syndrome. Something in which a lot of friends and relatives suffer. I even had a cousin commit suicide because he hadn’t been diagnosed. Archer’s love interest is tabloid reporter Arwin Blake. She has a few issues of her own and there’s going to be a few obsticals that the two of them will face before they get their happily ever after. With that being said, it’s Thursday night and I should be writing. I joke with my author friends that if I wait too long to work on their story my characters carry picket signs. Right now Archer is scowling at me so I’d better get to writing. So until next time. smooches!

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