Greetings book fans! Taisha here with another update on how the writing is going. Well, after being advised by my crit partner to change the heroines name in Archer’s story, I added another thousand words to the story. So far I’m enjoying working on this story and right now am about to introduce the parents. Archer’s mother Bellamy is a society maven and loves to give parties, in fact she very good at what she does. Unfortunite for her only son she’s also a matchmaker, not because she enjoys interferring in his life, she just wants to see him happy. Unfortunitely, Archer doesn’t want the assistence.Which is where Trinity comes in. Determined to get his mother off his back he hatches a ruse with the reporter’s help in convincing the older women that he’s already in a relationship. But like all plans, they don’t always work out the way we want them to. So stay tuned dear readers for futher updates on how it’s going. So until next time, smooches!

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