Greetings book fans Taisha here with another update on how it’s going. It’s been a minute since I posted so I’ll just say it’s been an incredible two weeks for this author. First there was the Reana Mallory and Eve Vaughn luncheon in which I reconnected with some old friends and made quite a few new ones and discovered some new to me authors whose books I can’t wait to crack open and read, right after I finish writing these three books. Second was the BDSM Writers Con in which I had many, many fan girl moments, got spanked then tied up by author Cris Anson! Finally met Sierra Cartwright and discovered and learned a lot of really cool things. Oh and I brought a pink paddle and preordered a flogger for my giveaway from DeTailToys. Anywho, as exhausted as I am from traveling, I know I have to finish these books. So until next time, smooches!

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