Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been writing and taking online classes and traveling doing book promos. It’s interesting the things you have to do in order to draw attention to yourself. One author thinks if you make at least one book free, people will automatically read the rest. I don’t agree. Why because people are generally cheap, especially in this day and time. They believe that once you make one free, they all should be that way. One of my author friends posted a letter she’d gotten from a fan, asking that she make all her books free so that they wouldn’t have to return them after reading. I was like WTH? We don’t make any money as it is, can you imagine if we did that? No one would eat. That’s why they say if you’re a writer, don’t quit your day job. Because if you have to depend on sales, you’ll never eat. Well, I finally finished that cozy mystery and thank GOD! Is all I can say, I had sooooo much trouble working on it. Why, because I’d never done anything like that. Normally, I embrace challenges. But in this case, I just wanted it to be over. Revisited Archer’s story and making every attempt to finish. Because this character is near and dear to my heart; he was with me from the beginning of my writing career. And I owe him the best story I can give him. This year I’m going to try to attend more events and do more promotions, Lord Willin’. I think it’s important, because if you don’t, no one will know who you are. Well, that’s all for now. Until next time, smooches!

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