Promotions! Promotions! Promotions! Yay! It’s that time again folks where I’m getting ready for yet another promotion. This time in Toledo Ohio! I am so stoked about this because I finally get to meet some of the members of the Erotic Authors Guild. And I can’t wait. On another note, I’m still plodding away on Archer’s story and it’s going great so far. Even though I can’t make up my mind how I want it to end. Because a simple Happily Ever After is not the way to go in this instance because Archer has some major trust issues and it’s going to take some doing to get him to trust Trinity since be believes she betrayed him. Any who, that’s it for now, until next time, smooches!

via Hidey-Ho! Taisha here with another update on how it’s going. I’m still plugging away on Archer’s story and it’s getting crazy! He’s used some very persuasive tactic to get Trinity to help him change the public’s perception of him. Despite the fact that she’s technically in a relationship. He decides he wants her for himself! Stay tuned for more juicy tidbits on this story. Once I get closer to finishing the chapter I will start posting snippets. So until next time, smooches! — taishademay

Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been writing and taking online classes and traveling doing book promos. It’s interesting the things you have to do in order to draw attention to yourself. One author thinks if you make at least one book free, people will automatically read the rest. I don’t agree. Why because people are generally cheap, especially in this day and time. They believe that once you make one free, they all should be that way. One of my author friends posted a letter she’d gotten from a fan, asking that she make all her books free so that they wouldn’t have to return them after reading. I was like WTH? We don’t make any money as it is, can you imagine if we did that? No one would eat. That’s why they say if you’re a writer, don’t quit your day job. Because if you have to depend on sales, you’ll never eat. Well, I finally finished that cozy mystery and thank GOD! Is all I can say, I had sooooo much trouble working on it. Why, because I’d never done anything like that. Normally, I embrace challenges. But in this case, I just wanted it to be over. Revisited Archer’s story and making every attempt to finish. Because this character is near and dear to my heart; he was with me from the beginning of my writing career. And I owe him the best story I can give him. This year I’m going to try to attend more events and do more promotions, Lord Willin’. I think it’s important, because if you don’t, no one will know who you are. Well, that’s all for now. Until next time, smooches!

Greetings book fans Taisha here with another update on how it’s going. Well, the cozy mystery is in the can so to speak and now I can get back to the stories that have been waiting to be completed. Namely everyone’s favorite Navy Seal, Archer Lincoln. And all I can say is, yay! Then there’s the western, the final book of my Love, Truth, and Consequences series: The Trouble With Love and the follow-up to Through The Fire: Ashes to Ashes, the Return Of Pyro. Aside from the promo’s and events on the horizon, I’m pretty busy. I think it’s going to be an interesting year! Happy 2017, ya’ll! Smooches!

Haven’t been on here in a minute. I’ve been busy doing either book promos or working on meeting a deadline. So far the erotic anthology for the Erotic Authors Guild is doing well and it contributing to many worthwhile charities. So if you haven’t gotten your copy, it’s not too late. Characters Welcome is available on Amazon. OAN, the deadline is looming for the submission for the cozy mystery myself and another author are doing. I’m nowhere near finished with mine. I’ll be lucky if it’s completed by January 1st. I may have to ask for more time. Wish me luck! Until next time, smooches!

As 2016 comes to a close I just like to say, THANK GOD! This year sucked so bad it wasn’t even funny. Sure there were some highs but a whole lot of lows that’s for sure! I’m nearing the stretch of completing my first ever Author Verses Author competition, thank heavens for that is all I can say! As for the Cozy Mystery, well that’s another story. But I will make the deadline by hook or by crook. So that I can get back to writing what I know best, EROTICA! OAN, I have ideas for a new series and can’t wait to do the research for that. So until next time, smooches!

2016 has been a cornucopia of change for this gal, both good and bad. I’ll start with the good, I had the opportunity to participate in an author-verses-author competition working on a story with another author. It’s been an interesting experience, I will say that much and can’t wait to read the finished product. Also,there’s the upcoming release of the compilation the Erotic Authors Guild put together benefitting several charities. I contributed a short story along with fourteen others. We’re all very excited about Characters Welcome’s release on December 14th. And hopefully, it’ll do well because it’s for a good cause! On another note, I’m still plodding away on the cozy mystery and with any luck, it will be completed in a few weeks. And I can complete book two of my Through The Fire series as well as the third book to Love, Truth and Consequences which will more than likely be the final book. Then it’s on to other projects. And now for the bad, because of hurricane Mathew we had a rough three months starting with no electricity for three weeks and fighting with the electric company among other things. But we survived. So until next time, smooches!