2016 has been a cornucopia of change for this gal, both good and bad. I’ll start with the good, I had the opportunity to participate in an author-verses-author competition working on a story with another author. It’s been an interesting experience, I will say that much and can’t wait to read the finished product. Also,there’s the upcoming release of the compilation the Erotic Authors Guild put together benefitting several charities. I contributed a short story along with fourteen others. We’re all very excited about Characters Welcome’s release on December 14th. And hopefully, it’ll do well because it’s for a good cause! On another note, I’m still plodding away on the cozy mystery and with any luck, it will be completed in a few weeks. And I can complete book two of my Through The Fire series as well as the third book to Love, Truth and Consequences which will more than likely be the final book. Then it’s on to other projects. And now for the bad, because of hurricane Mathew we had a rough three months starting with no electricity for three weeks and fighting with the electric company among other things. But we survived. So until next time, smooches!

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