Greetings book fans Taisha here with an update on how it’s going. Well, I submitted my short scene for the erotic authors guild anthology. Now I have to get the planning of not one but two books. One is a cozy mystery like the mystery women series shown on the Hallmark channel and this girl is gagging right now at the thought of even doing one. But it is what it is. The second is an erotic story, I’m thinking of doing a fairytale that has a brother’s Grimm feel to it. So I’d better get to work. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it! I have put Archer’s story on hold but I will have it completed by January as well as the third book to my Love, Truth and Consequences series. This will lead into my Office Play series, books that have romances taking place in offices. You’ll even get updates from the characters from the LT&C series. These people were near and dear to me, especially Holland and Carter from book one. Well that’s it for now, until next time , smooches!

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